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. now, the nlrb is appealing recess rule. >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, who is on the floor. [ laughter ] eric bolling. greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so the charmer-in-chief is at it again. president obama wined and dined lawmakers at a restaurant near the white house and today tried to court them on their turf on capitol hill with the first of four meetings in the next three days. the mission to win support for a big budget deal. the president made room on the dance card for another sit down with abc news today. what is the new public campaign really all about? the national journal asked a senior white house official and that perp revealed what is behind it -- person revealed red what is behind it all. it's a joke, waste of the president's time. something only being done for the media. greg, let me ask you. who are you going to believe? your own eyes or a senior administration official from the white house? >> greg: i have never trusted my eyes, dana. they let me down many times, usually around las
, she's a model for pez disspencer, it's dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. and whatever. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so sean penn and mahmoud ahmadinejad hit the same red carpet. it pays to note it's not for a flick, but a funeral. hugo's that is. venezuela had nearly 22,000 murders in 2012. so the red carpet makes a lot of sense. penn claims hugo was a champion of the poor. by champion if you mean undertaker, you're probably right. this is an adult moment for america, which is needed in that our president seems to bring out the kid in everyone, including himself. take sequestration. that was the bunk bed he made. but he still blamed others. tepeing the white house in a tawdry tan trem of baby games. now another teenager response. sneaking in through the bedroom's window. usually it's a girl or boyfriend but here is usama bin laden's son-in-law who we found out is awaiting civilian trial. how does that happen? i blame grit mow. the drones as exterminators exist solely to avoid saying you were wrong about the beauty of gitmo. what is gitmo? it's really just a remind they're there is
gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so far at cpac we heard from allen west who summarizeed the problems liberals have with race. >> i'm speaking from experience when i tell you that there is nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black american. who wants a better life and a smaller government. >> greg: tim scott summarizeed the liberal handouts. >> having a job, this is a good thing. creating jobs is a far better thing. if you have an income, that is a good thing. if you create a process you can do the most amazing things. >> greg: what do west and scott have in common you probably call them tokens. that's what you say when you see a black eye who doesn't tact way you want a black guy to act. never say it to their face. someone like west would use your fare head as a stepladder. in surprise they're republicans. democrats have a path. someone i works with who lectures me on race every day. my pal left out that the thug was a democrat. didn't fit th
tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: today's opening day at cpac. we'll get to that in a minute. but first, good news in the white house tours front. interesting call today from the obama earlier this morning. it looks like the president may be close to reopening the people's house. "washington post" editorial page reopening the white house tour calling it bureaucratic hostage taking. a rough couple of days for mr. jay carney in briefing room. watch. >> secret service told us the tours cost $75,000 a week. how much is it going toques for the president to travel later this week to illinois? >> the president is the president of the united states. he is elected to represent all of the people. he travels around the country appropriately. i don't have a figure on the cost of presidential travel. it is, you know, obviously something, as every president deals with, the security and staff. significant undertaking. but the president has to travel around the country. he has to travel around the world. that is pa
get $25 trillion was okay. >> bob: that is what cheney said. >> dana: that doesn't, you can't have it both ways. >> eric: our economy is $16 trillion or soe one and a half times our economy is n debt. >> bob: i am saying we could handle that. >> basically what krugman is saying it is okay. 75% of g.d.p. is fine and if you look at u.k. or japan, they are basically saying those countries are doing great. i lived there. i have family there. it's not great. you have much less disposable income, much less job growth and all the things that are happening with government and regulations putting clamp on people is hurting america. >> they are not motivated to reduce the debt because they don't have a fundamental problem with carrying a deficit. they don't soldier kr eight substantial crisis. >> bob: as from england and other places and compare it to the united states. >> you point out something, krugman is okay with 75% of our economy in the form of debt. we're at 95% and pushing hundred percent. greece is 110 '%. let's move on. >> bob: it's about the size of los angeles. >> eric: my point
hope of the catholic church. >> kimberly: we are going to bring in dana perino who had a question for you. >> hi, dana. >> dana: hi. you covered so many world events. this one to me, watching the crowd was of great interest. the joyful feeling that they expressed and how long they stayed and stood and waited. i know it was cold. could you through your observation to tell us what it's like to be amongst the people that gathered there. >> i was here in 2005 when benedict xvi was inaugurated. the difference between this and all of the papal inauguration that preceding it in the lifetime and well beyond that there was no mourning. there was no death no, funeral, no crying highs in the street. none of that. time for reflection. focusing on the challenges that the church has faced and will continue to face. great deal of anticipation. we had fun with amy kellogg who called it a period of great suspense, which is catholic nomenclature. that's really what it was. as everyone came together, not really knowing, most thinking, the odds on favorite was, of course, the cardinal from milan. whe
in the workplace no longer a no-no. bad news there for -- >> dana:be i am anti-too too. i'm ni -- i am anti-tattoo. i will show you something here. it's not that little. what do you think that is? red tape tower. you will like this. nearly 20,000 pages of obamacare regulations have come in. that is how many pages of regulations. so far red tape tower is what they call it if you go to #redtapetower find all the information. >> bob: from the insurance industry. i'm surprised. dabs profit -- >> dana: profit from the insurance industry? if you sit next to the tower you would reach only a third of it. >> greg: is that why you did that? all for that? >> dana: yeah. it's seven-feet tall. >> greg: if you were standing on my head we still wouldn't make it to five feet. >> dana: i'm losing it. greg, save it. >> greg: banned phrase. "it is what it is." >> dana: you have banned it before. >> greg: i haven't. >> dana:be you have. >> greg: i haven't. i heard it today and want to throw up. it is what it is when they have nothing else to say. >> dana: lame thing to say. >> greg: it is a lame thing to say.
now on march madness sideline reporters, abby huntsman and dana milbank. dana, you called this one. conservatives group therapy session. how's the soul searching going? >> they are still searching, reverend. they haven't come up with much. if this was a papal conclave, there would be only black smoke. they are still severaling farch answers, what the idea should be, who should be delivering these ideas. but there's really a lot of back biting and squirmishing going on there and they are struggling to find out what is going up here. there's a lot of finger pointing and blame going on. >> now, abby, we've been having some fun but seriously, listen to rick santorum today. listen to this. >> face it. the left can always promise more stuff. and make it sound like they care more because they make it easier for providing stuff for them through programs, paid for by somebody else's money. >> you know, abby, this is the week we meet the man that filmed and brought out the 47% speech and they are still talking about makers and takers? >> you know, i think santorum wins the award for having p
? let's ask dana milbank, political columnist for the "washington post" and msnbc contributor joy reid, managing editor of the who's not stopped laughing during that lead. and so just get your laughter out. that was extremely disturbing. dana, we'll start with you. rans priebus, the chairman of the republican national committee, appeared on the "hannity" program last night on fox and we have managed to preserve some of the discourse for the sake of prosperity. here it is. take a listen. >> what do you think of this new generation, these younger guns in the senate? >> i think they're the future of our party. >> so, dana, if we take paul ryan as the quintessential young gun, should we assume he's going to keep bringing back the same old budget, his path to austeri austerity, if you will, year after year after year? isn't this the third year in a row he's trotted out that one? >> well, first of all, martin, only in washington could a bunch of guys pushing 50 be called the young guns. >> this is correct. >> but this is how we do things around here. >> remember, priebus calls them
the paparazzi. this one will be fun to watch. joining me now is lauren ashburn and dana milbank from "the washington post." thank you both for being here tonight. >> hi, reverend. >> lauren, let me go to you first. we've seen this hollywood obsession with washington grow. why is there such a strong connection? >> there is such a strong connection because washington wants to be hollywood and hollywood wants to be washington. you see that every year with the big dinner, the white house correspondents' dinner. and while ashley judd may be really good on a movie set, coming to capitol hill and working is a big, different kind of fantasy land. that's for sure. >> dana, we've seen others transition. schwarzenegger, the terminator was elected governor of california from 2003 to 2011, sunny bono, he was elected in 1988. fred grandy from "the love boat" served in the house of representatives. and the d.a. on "law & order" served as a senator from tennessee for nine years. so others have made the transition. it has been done. sure, reverend. when we can get someone from hollywood who is actually ug
's get right to our panel. joining us, dana milbank live at cpac. msnbc political contributor jimmy williams in washington. jimmy, we know now who was responsible for recording mitt romney's infamous 47% speech. of course, conservatives are complaining this guy wasn't a mutual observer, that he was pushing some kind of agenda. but for argument's sake, let's assume he's not a mutual observer. so what? it doesn't change what mitt romney said, does it? >> it's almost like the movie "can "the help". they are mad at this guy, at a fund-raiser for multi bazillionares. they're pissed off because they defended the help? how out of touch could these people be? they're blaming the guy who recorded the video. that's pathetic and an affront to working people across this country. it really is. >> dana, i realize you're wearing a somewhat impressive badge today. there we are. don't believe the liberal media. who was that given to you by? >> i picked that out myself, martin. i'm under cover as you can see at cpac. i'm a few feet away from governor perry talking to fox news. i want to say in contra
senator who actually co-sponsored legislation against same-sex marriage now tells our dana bash why he had a change of heart. we will talk to senator john mccain as well, if he agrees. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ but that doesn't mean ive don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww... arigato! we are
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to only our dana bash. >> and then, not just one, but two carnival cruise ships in trouble this morning. folks, this is the fourth time the company has had problems in a month this morning we're asking are the ships safe? also a developing story, a suspect in that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi from september, this morning behind bars. could we finally learn more about what sparked the violence that killed four americans? >>> and a disturbing video of a 4-year-old attacked by a dog and terrifying moments all caught on camera. >> plus it's now a 10-day winning streak for the dow. not just markets seeing a boost, it's turning more americans into millionaires. >> it is friday, march 15th, and "starting point" begins right now. >>> our "starting point" is a cnn exclusive. the gay marriage movement getting an unexpected lift from a most unlikely backer. one of the leading conservative voices on capitol hill, republican senator rob portman of ohio is reversing his position on the issue after his son revealed that he is gay. >> cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash
." >> dana: if you erase the last minute from my life it would be okay. i have never seen any zombie movie ever, i don't have any idea what you are talking about. >> greg: you are too boozezy memorizing "love actually." >> dana: i watche have you wondd what happened to journalism today? look today. my brother here on the left, greg, buzzby morphed the two of us and provided this photograph. this is what we'd look like if you -- you can see the different folks --glades is not right. >> kimberly: you have lipstick on. >> bob: you look like a serial killer. >> greg: that is how i look saturday night in the village. not that good. all right. first i want to announce i got brand new shoes. look at these. >> bob: really good. >> greg: my wife got me these. got them on sale. >> kimberly: fancy. >> bob: and banned phrase. big picture. if you say think about the big picture that means your opinion is more important than yours. >> dana: i use it this weekend. >> eric: how much did you play for the shoes? >> greg: probably $50. >> dana: not what you said in green room. >> greg: $70. >> eric: no. we h
. >> dana: that was not a bob look. the barbara bush foundation for family literacy has a new contest. it's called ve lotedly -- devotedly dad. you go and you can write your children a letter. contest winners will choose two from each state. get the new book "all the best" collection of letters from george h.w. bush and pair of his favorite fun first family socks. a great way for parents to communicator their children. rather than just by text message, write a full letter is a special thing for your kids to have. >> eric: absolutely. >> greg: i wish dana would stop expressing herself with the naked centerfold pictures of her dog on twitter. if i see his junk one more time -- >> andrea: jasper junk? >> greg: yes! you should be thrown in jail. >> dana: jasper junk. freddie banned phrase. misspoke. when they say i misspoke, they really mean i told the truth and got called in an office by my boss who said retract. then come out and say i misspoke. >> eric: or they say i was fast and loose with the dialogue. something to that effect. didn't you ban it ever? >> greg: i thought i did but i went
can tell you who you are thinking about. hmmm. okay. >> eric: bob. >> dana: that was not a bob look. the barbara bush foundation for family literacy has a new contest. it's called ve lotedly -- devotedly dad. you go and you can write your children a letter. contest winners will choose two from each state. get the new book "all the best" collection of letters from george h.w. bush and pair of his favorite fun first family socks. a great way for parents to communicator their children. rather than just by text message, write a full letter is a special thing for your kids to have. >> eric: absolutely. >> greg: i wish dana would stop expressing herself with the naked centerfold pictures of her dog on twitter. if i see his junk one more time -- >> andrea: jasper junk? >> greg: yes! you should be thrown in jail. >> dana: jasper junk. freddie banned phrase. misspoke. when they say i misspoke, they really mean i told the truth and got called in an office by my boss who said retract. then come out and say i misspoke. >> eric: or they say i was fast and loose with the dialogue. something to th
? to weigh in, kirsten powers and co-host of "the five" dana perino. mike crapo, the senator from idaho asked the budget staff, what about the budget? we haven't seen the details, what do you make of it, what's the cuts and deficit reduction and i'm quoting now, it's zero in the first year in total said a member of that state to the senator. they're not trying, right? zero? >> well, i don't know why anybody's really shocked by this. after all we've heard from many leaders in the democratic party that they don't even think there is a spending problem. so, and the president has made pretty clear that cutting the deficit isn't his top priority. so, you know, i mean i actually don't share that point of view and i think there are democrats who don't share that point of view, but the fact of the matter is the people who are leaders of the democratic party today have been pretty clear they're in the sort of paul krugman camp of this is not a problem. it's a problem that's going to be a problem in ten years and right now need to focus on spending money and keeping the economy moving and worry about t
dressed up with nowhere to gor. joining me now is joy reid and dana millbank. thank you both for being here tonight. >> good to be here. >> hi, reverend. >> thank you both for following the "politics nation" dress code too. palin and trump, what's the message here? >> what do you wear for a circus? it's difficult to dress for it. i think it's another instance of the republican party focusing on the wrong things. i actually think the only thing wrong with cpac is the fact that i don't get to go because this sounds like the biggest party and the most fun ever, watching sarah palin talk about the war on christmas which i sure she'll bring up, thauls the subject of her new book and she's about making money, that's what sarah palin does. they don't have chris christie, probably their most viable person. but they do have donald trump, a birther. i think this tells you the republican party doesn't feel that they have a problem with who they are, they feel, yeah, we got some marketing problems but they like who they are. they like being the party of the john birch society because they're invit
actually called our dana bash exclusively to tell her about it. dana bash joining us now from washington. so how did the conference go? >> very interesting, fredricka. first of all, just the idea that senator portman was going to come out and talk about something so personal and then obviously so difficult for a conservative politically to say that he was going to change his position on gay marriage, i have to tell you that he is somebody who is very press savvy. and he was very nervous. he clearly was uncomfortable for a lot of reasons. i think mostly because he was a dad and wanted to do right by his son. but i think one of the most fascinating parts of the conversation we spoke for almost 30 minutes was when he told me about the conversation he had with his son when his son first told him that he was gay. >> my son is very close to me and to my wife. and he -- he had worked on the campaign. so we got even closer during the campaign. and he came to me as a, you know, college freshman, and said after the campaign was over after i was already elected to the senate that he wanted to tell
and the deficit. >> dana bash is joining us from capitol hill. dana, do we think this is making any difference at all? he's meeting with senate republicans today. >> let's start with the senate republicans. remember, suzanne, the president actually dined with many of them, a dozen of them, last week. that by all accounts was something that was positive and productive just when it comes to the basic idea of relationship building and them understanding each other a little bit better because they simply obviously don't. obviously everybody has been speaking past each other because they do differ very sharply and deeply especially on economic issues. so when it comes to today, i think it will probably be a different tone than what we saw from his meeting yesterday with house republicans where it was by all accounts pretty intense -- intense, particularly on the number one issue in front of this country and in front of these politicians here which is the economy. probably be a little bit different. the president has more of a relationship not just because of his dinner last week but because he was
tirelessly for him, even after being passed over. he shares his story exclusively with dana bash. >> i'm announcing today a change of heart on an issue that a lot of people feel strongly about. it has to do with gay couples' opportunity to marry. i've come to the conclusion for me, personally, i think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married, to have the joy and the stability of marriage that i have had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it, including our son who is gay. >> that unexpected revelation came from portman's 21-year-old son, will, two years ago. >> my son came to jane, my wife and i, and told us that he was gay. and that it was not a choice, and that, you know, he -- that's just part of who he is, and he has been that way ever since he can remember. >> reporter: what was your reaction when he told you? >> love, support, 110%. >> reporter: surprise? >> surprise, yeah. >> reporter: you had no idea? >> no idea. yeah. and, you know, again that launched a process of rethinking the issue. >> reporter: until now, all of this was secre
the brain trust in, dana millbank, "washington post" columnist and perry bacon jr. we should note here, political editor at the grio and amy homes is back an anchor at "the blaze" and also a speech writer for senate majority leader bill frist. good to see you. >> dana milbank the only not smiling at the beginning. dana, we begin with you. last week the president had dinner with a dozen or so senators and is heading to congress this week. how will this attempt to -- how will it work for the president? >> well, it's already worked for the president in the sense that we're all talking about how charming he's being and how he's reaching out to the hill, even though i don't think anything substantive has really changed here as perry has noted. >> nothing? you don't think anything has changed substantively? >> well, not yet. we don't have anything on the table that's -- that's suggesting there's some grand deal possible. it's going to have to happen eventually. it's the only way out of this whole mess. maybe we have a little more leeway now. there seems to have been some good faith gestures
announcing he's reversing his position on gay marriage. cnn's dana bash landing the only television interview with portman. the ohio republican revealing his decision just one month before the supreme court hears arguments on the issue, and two years after learning his own son, will, was gay. >> my son came to jane, my wife and i, told us that he was gay, and that it was not a choice, and that, you know, that's just part of who he is and he's been that way ever since he could remember. and that launched an interesting process for me. which was kind of rethinking my position. you know, talking to my pastor and other religious leaders, and going through the process of, at the end, changing my position on the issue. >> at 7:00 eastern on "starting point" dana bjarne joins john berman and brooke with more of her interview. >>> on wall street, history in the making. the dow defying gravity at a record high. looks like there could be an 11th straight win if all things hold. if that happens it would be the best -- the dow's best rally in 21 years. and it isn't just the dow. the s&p 500 which for man
'm greg gutfeld look withck the group. she's apotele for pez dispensers. dana perino. she's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and whatever. shock pan at ahmadinejab. the same redou car at the time. it's not for a flick, because funeral.k, hugo's. venezuela had 22,000 murders. penn claimsse hugo was a champin of the poor action but if you t mean undertaker, you're probably right. this is an adult moment for america, which is needed in that our president seems to bring out the kid in everyone, including himself. takes sequestration. that was the bunk bed he made. he still blamed others, tping the white house in a tawdry tantrum of baby games. another teenage response, sneaking someone's through a bedroom window.w. here it's been laden's son-in-law who we find out is now in manhattan awaiting a civilian trial. how did that happen? i blame gitmo. this terror sneak and the drones employed as exterminators exist solely to avoid saying that you were wrong about the beauty of gitmo. what is gitmo? gitmo is really just a reminder in this worlddvil and that evil needs a cage when it's caught. so
portman actually called our dana bash to tell her about this and put it all on tape. here's the interview. >> reporter: you probably recognize ohio senator rob portman from his tireless campaigning for mitt romney. even on romney's short list for vice president. he's been a leading republican voice on the economy for four decades. >> we need to spur economic growth and create more jobs. >> reporter: now the prominent conservative from ohio will be known for something else, changing his hardline position against gay marriage which he revealed to cnn and the very personal reason behind his reversal. >> i'm announcing today a change of heart on an issue that, you know, a lot of people feel strongly about. it has to do with gay couples opportunity to marry. i've come to the conclusion that for me, personally, i think this is something that we should allow people to do, to get married and have the joy and stability of marriage that i've had for over 26 years. i want all three of my kids to have it including our son who is gay. >> reporter: that unexpected revelation came from portman's 21-year
on capitol hill. cnn's dana bash reports that an aide handed the president a note with the news and then the president read that note to the group and there was applause. someone then yelled out, does this mean that the white house tours are open? and the president responded, and i'm quoting him now, vatican tours are. later the president spoke about the moment. >> i made the announcement we saw smoke but i actually had not seen the official announcement of name so we look forward to hearing about it and i'm sure it's going to be -- >> exciting moment. obviously carlos lopes of cnn espanol is joining us now. i can't emphasize how important this is for latin america that there is now a pope not from europe but from the western hemisphere specifically in this case from argentina. give us some context. >> it would be an under statement, wolf, to say that this is huge, historic, the first time a latin american is heading the catholic church. now, why is it important? if you look at the numbers, almost half of the more than 1 billion catholics in the world live in the americas. brazi
next the cnn exclusive, conservative senator rob portman tells our own dana bash about the very personal reasons that led to his stunning change of heart on the issue of gay marriage. and dramatic testimony in the trial of two high school football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. oh, hi thehey!ill. are you in town for another meeting? yup, i brought my a-team. business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! earn a ton of extra points with the double your hhonors promotion and feel the hamptonality. an e.p.a.-estimated 34 mpg highway. amazing. see the grille? mm-hmm. let me show you how it works. it opens and closes like this to help you conserve fuel. oh. is that an s.o.s. signal? no, that's the aero grille shutters demonstration. we do it all the time. [ male announcer ] chevy. mpg ingenuity. now get this great sign & drive lease on a 2013 chevy malibu ls for around $233 a month. you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful.
interview with our dana bash, telling her that the change of heart has come because his 21-year-old son has told him that he's gay. but here's his spongs whrespons dana asked him what do you tell your gay constituents? >> what do you say to a gay conexcon sk conexit constituent in ohio who says i'm so glad that he changed his position? why did it take him learning that he has a gay son? why didn't he as my representative care about that before? >> well, i would say i had a change of heart based on a personal experience. that's certainly true. >> in a tweet, senator portman's son, will portman, expressed his joy saying, quote, especially proud of my dad today. portman is with a growing list of republicans who have come out in support of gay marriage. including dick cheney, the former v.p. whose daughter married they are longtime partner last year. laura bush, colin powell and also meg whitman who originally supported a ban for gay marriage when he ran for governor in 2010, they're all reversed course. portman's surprise comes as conservatives are holding their biggest event of the year. it's
, to his left lieutenant colonel dana, marine corps installation west. thank you. let me go ahead and start off by talking a little bit and just going back over some of the discussions yesterday that i think are going to play into this discussion. we had vice admiral beeman talk a little bit yesterday about capabilities and vice admiral zunkoff talked about partnerships, unity of effort, unity of command. mayor lee talked about dod efforts, expertise, community efforts and as we go into all those discussions today you will see best practices applied during the 10 years from those fires. i have the pleasure of working for administrator fuget in fema headquarters. fema's role is to coordinate response between state and local governments and his focus, his direction to us really comes down it 3 things. he asks us to always plan for the worst case, the maximum of the maximums and it's go to see the department of defense is incorporating this within the catastrophe policy that was spoken about a little earlier. no. 2, he asked us to sppbld and are able to stabilize an incident within 72 hours
correspondent dana bash live in washington. and giggled over that gridlock comment. tried not to, but i couldn't help it. >> it's hard not to, carol. ian. the president, look, he's going to capitol hill this week, almost more than he was when he was senator. that's how much he is going to be there this coming week. a lot of focus on the meetings he will have with republicans in the house and senate. not just republicans who say they don't hear from the president much. it's also members of his own party. senator joe manchin, one of the most conservative democrats. could defect on any vote out there. but the president called manchin two years ago when he was first elected and not again until a few months ago to talk to the pro-gun democrat to talk to him about gun control. i talked to senator manchin about what the president should be doing now. >> lack of energy policy. >> he doesn't pick up the phone and call you. >> no, we haven't had that. >> does that surprise you? >> no. everyone has a different style. i wear them out morning, noon, and night. that's my style. president clinton did the sam
of partying last summer. >>> and happy birthday to actress dana delaney. she turns 57 today. >>> here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. in a "today" exclusive, the woman at the center of that military assault case we mentioned speaks out about her alleged attacker going free. keep it on this channel for continuing local news, weather, sports and more. i'm richard lui along with dylan dreyer. thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the today today on your nbc station. have a good wednesday. >>> developing news right now out of rome. no pope today so far as we give you a live look at the sistine chapel where, within the hour, black smoke was seen coming out of that chimney. the wait continues. good morning, it is 4:30. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'mlarra garcia-cannon. black smoke poured out of the chimney at the sistine chapel, indicating there is no consensus of who the next pope will be. it also is the end of the morning session. >> they will be returning to the sistine chapel 8:00 this morning, local time, and will hold one more vote before r
. played a country music quiz with dana. >> eric: congratulations. thank you. >> andrea: the work is very, very hard. >> eric: my turn? >> greg: yes, eric. >> eric: full screen breathe. one more time. there is still. open hour white house. hashtag it and trend it. trending on and off all day. if you want to twitter. @presssec. that is jay carney's twitter account. let him know it's time to enthe white house. >> bob: if you want to loan hashtag, whatever that means, to eric. >> eric: check "cashing in" saturday at 11:30 and 4:30 every week. >> dana:ly tweet you a picture of jasper. my other job. >> greg: "red eye," a new "red eye" tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. eastern coast time. 8:00 pacific. tucker carlson and it should be a fun, fun show. it's a new show. >> bob: this self-promotion by you guys is unbelievable. >> greg: i'm promoting a fox news show. >> bob: don't promote your book yet. when is the new book due out? >> greg: end of the year. >> bob: okay. that means we'll start promoting it june? >> greg: two weeks. >>> welcome to" red eye." now to andy levy for a pre our top story tonight, th
and immigration. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash joining me now. who is on the list to get covered because that's a huge agenda? >> absolutely, it's huge. on the list today, a group of people with whom he's most familiar with because he used to be a part of it, senate democrats, he's going to attend their lunch today. ashleigh, a lot of the focus has to do with the fact that he's coming to capitol hill tomorrow to meet with republicans but he's got mending of fences to do within his own party. primarily because it's not just republicans who have not reached out, it's people in his own party, again, former members of his own senate democratic caucus who think he would benefit more from having more of a dialogue with his own democrats. his agenda would do better here so that, i'm guessing, i'm not sure if it will be out in the open that discussion. but it will be a subtext in the discussion he will have with senate democrats at the lunch today. >> i mentioned budget, gun control and immigration. i just want to focus on the budget for a moment. you know when your e-mail piles
with the patriots? >> dana: absolutely. 672 receptions over six seasons. i think it averages out to 112 per season. he will be huge for broncos. >> brian: wow! i can't wait to watch the game with you. >> eric: what do they call bronco stadium? >> dana: mile high stadium. >> kimberly: we want to end this on an appropriate solemn note. wish all the best to the new pope. as a laity know women i'm excited to have someone from latin america. very exciting day today. historic one as well. jesuit educated as mr. bolling here. all private catholic schools. this is a special day. thank you for sharing with us. >> brian: privilege to sit in for greg gutfeld. >> kimberly: that is it for us. so you tomorrow. stay tuned for more continuing coverage of the selection of the new pope, pope francis. ♪ ♪ >> bret: white smoke and new pope from a new place. first pontiff from the americas. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. it took two days and five ballots and now the world's 1.2 billion catholics have a new leader tonight. he is unlike any of his predecessors. white smoke atop the
? >> dana: i pick up. >> eric: quickly, we'll stay on jay carney to open the white house. by the way, jay, call me. i would love to break the news. fantastic. a shameless plug. "cashing in" saturday, new time, special time to make way for capac. we talk about obamacare. and the dog bills going up. >> bob: i'm sure most of you saw the movie "titanic." there is a moving scene when the band kept playing, as the ship was going down. do we have that footage? >> greg: quickly. c'mon people. ♪ ♪ >> bob: they kept doing that, and people were getting off the ship. they obviously all went down with the ship and died. here is the most amazing thing about that. they have found the violin. the violin must have been picked up by somebody. there is it in priss type condition. they found it. it's been two years to authenticate it. it is the guy, the leader of the band's violin. put it on auction and it will go for lot of money. maybe the person building the titanic ought to buy it, the new titanic and the band could play with that. that is amazing to me. somebody picked it up. freddi >> greg: cool. w
correspondent, dana bash. >> changing your opinion is one thing, and are you going to take it to the next level and be an activist on it, and are you going to go home to ohio and say let's get rid of the state law and get rid of the ban on gay marriage? >> people will know what my position is, and i have never really been involved in the issue one way or the other. i voted consistent with my beliefs at the time. >> but does your son and the new experience with your son change that? will you be active on that? >> you know, i am kind of an economic policy walk, that's why i got in the business and that's what i always focused on, how to get the economy moving and get jobs back and i spent hours this week in a budget committee and will be going back soon and the budget is on the floor next week, and those will continue to be the issues i put my primary focus on. >> what do you say to a gay constituent in ohio who says i am so glad he changed his position, and why didn't he as my representative care about my rights before? >> i would say that i had a change on heart based on a personal experience,
power. our chief correspondent dana bash is here. amazing week on capitol hill. but what is the fallout so far from republicans and democrats to this charm offensive? >> well, obviously, for republicans this is what matters most. and what i'm hearing from republican senators, i talked to several of them who had dinner with the president. and they say what was really striking was that at the end of the -- at the end of the evening they both realized that there is -- a genuine sincerity in the other's arguments. that they really just have different philosophies. and you know, it seems so obvious that they would have this kind of meal and interaction. because it is how you and i interact, how others do, it took so long. they were very cautious about the whole idea it would produce a grand bargain and a great moment that would matter when it comes to the deficit. but it is baby steps, baby steps, that a lot of people say took a very long time. >> saw a lot of democrats and republicans hoped there would be a grand bargain before early july, august, before the nation's debt ceiling has to be
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